Oregon Ducks Fall To Wisconsin In NIT Quarterfinals, 61-58


It was a fitting way for the Oregon Ducks men basketball season to end.  A close loss to a good team as the Ducks lose in the quarterfinals of the NIT to Wisconsin 61-58 at Matthew Knight Arena.  The Ducks season ends with Oregon having a 21-15 record and a 2nd straight year where they don’t make the NCAA tournament.  If you have watched the Ducks this season you know that they struggled shooting the basketball and that is exactly what happened.  The Ducks shot 28.6% on 3 point attempts and was a staggering 4-12 from the free throw line.  Shooting 33% from the line and winning is a tough thing to do.

Dana Altman didn’t hold back about the shooting after the game, “You can’t have a Division 1 team go 4-13 and a front end of a 1 and 1.  I’ve told them on October 1 and I’ve told them 20 times since then.  There’s nothing more disapp0inting then to play hard then lose the game at the line.”

The Oregon Ducks coach was not happy about the lack of support for the team in this game considering they were playing Wisconsin, a historically good team from the Big 10, “You can just see how important it is, and it was important to them and it was important to me.  What the heck?  We should have had more people here tonight.  Alright.  I mean.  These guys play hard.  Ok.  3,300 people you know.  It’s not good enough.  And if it’s me.  Then get rid of me.  If you need somebody else to be a promoter, do something.  But 3,300 people is embarrassing.”

It doesn’t seem like Altman’s job will be in jeopardy, but it was an incredibly frustrating loss to end another frustrating season.  For how frustrating it was.  Altman has led the Ducks to 13 consecutive 20 win seasons.  That’s 20 wins every year he has been the coach.  And next year’s recruiting class is another good one.  According to 247 Sports, the Ducks have the 10th best recruiting class in the nation led by two 5 stars in Kwame Evans Jr and Mookie Cook.  They also have a commitment from West Linn High School’s, Jackson Shelstad.

A disappointing way to end the season for sure.  But it doesn’t seem like Altman will be going anywhere.

– Steven Vaughan (@steven_von)