Numerous Ducks And Beavers Get Drafted


The NFL draft has come and gone. Numerous players were drafted from the Ducks and Beavers, and a couple we thought would get picked didn’t.

For the Ducks:

CB: Christian Gonzalez (Round 1, Pick 17) – New England Patriots

EDGE: DJ Johnson (Round 3, pick 17) – Carolina Panthers

LB: Noah Sewell (Round 5, Pick 13) – Chicago Bears

OT: Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu (Round 6, Pick 22) – Baltimore Ravens

DT: Jordon Riley (Round 7, Pick 26) – New York Giants

C: Alex Forsyth (Round 7, Pick 40) – Denver Broncos

S: Bennett Williams (UDFA) – Miami Dolphins

OL: TJ Bass (UDFA) – Dallas Cowboys

Here are the Oregon State Beavers that were drafted or signed as an UDFA:

TE: Luke Musgrave (Round 2, Pick 11) – Green Bay Packers

CB: Alex Austin (Round 7, Pick 35) – Buffalo Bills

CB: Rejzohn Wright (UDFA) – Carolina Panthers

OT: Brandon Kipper (UDFA) – Baltimore Ravens

LB: Jack Colletto (UDFA) – San Francisco 49ers

DB: Jaydon Grant (UDFA) – Las Vegas Raiders

WR: Tre’Shaun Harrison (UDFA) – Tennessee Titans

There are still a few more players looking to sign deals as UDFA’s including Oregon State’s Jack Colletto. Overall it was a good draft for both schools in Oregon and now we look ahead to the next college football season and to follow these guys in the NFL.