Nike Nailed It With Air Jordan, but NCAA Failed Miserably With NIL.


The movie “Air” is hitting theaters, and long-time Nike executive Fred Schreyer joined John Canzano on the Bald Faced Truth to share some of his stories from working with Michael Jordan, Phil Knight and others portrayed in the film.

Schreyer, who helped negotiate Jordan’s second contract with Nike, touched on a variety of subjects in his interview, including what he thinks about the ever-changing landscape of collegiate athletics and media rights.

“TV runs the show,” Schreyer said. “And the rights fees have gotten so large. I mean, the TV money dictates what’s going to happen.”

Schreyer didn’t hold back when talking about the entire NCAA and its former President, Mark Emmert, who retired earlier this year.

“The NCAA basically, excuse my language, screwed the pooch. They sold that thing up. Mark Emmert should go down in the Hall of Shame. They just pretended. They kept their head in the sand and refused to deal with what anybody could see was coming at them. Which was that individual athletes were going to get the rights to their name, image, and likeness.”

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