New Oregon State Head Coach Trent Bray Knows The Type Of People He Needs Around Him To Be Successful


Trent Bray is the man in Corvallis after former coach Jonathan Smith left to coach Michigan State. And Bray is where he wants to be.

A former player for the Beavers, Bray knows what is important in building a winner in Corvallis. As a player, Bray was a part of three winning teams, and as a coach, Bray has been a part of the past two seasons where the Beavers have been nationally ranked.

Bray has started quickly as he as named former Beaver quarterback Ryan Gunderson as his offensive coordinator . Bray has added numerous former Beavers players to his staff and he joined John Canzano on Monday’s radio show on 750 the Game where Canzano asked Bray why it was important for him to add former Oregon State players to his staff.

“I think it’s important for a lot of reasons,” Bray said. “They know how great this place is, but they also know the challenges and the holes people are going to poke in us when they are recruiting against us. Loyalty and trust is huge to me. And if I can surround myself with good people, great coaches, and people that have a sense of loyalty and you can trust that’s the most valuable thing to me.”

Recruiting is the lifeblood of a college football program. Oregon State has always had to develop their talent as the top players usually don’t commit there. Canzano asked Bray what the selling point is going to be now that he is the head man in Corvallis.

“It’s opportunity,” answered Bray. “There’s a great opportunity here, even in the uncertain space we’re in, the opportunity to win a lot of games to be on a big stage. And no one, especially on the West Coast, has developed players like Oregon State. Guys they come in, (they) get great coaching. You’re going to leave here a better player and person than when you walk in the door. And the guys who value that part of it we will continue to get guys like that which is guys we want.”

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