Jonathan Smith Reacts To Conference Realignment


Oregon and Washington are heading to the Big 10. Arizona and potentially Arizona State and Utah are heading to the Big 12. What does that mean for the other Pac 12 schools?

Head coach of Oregon State, Jonathan Smith, spoke to the media at practice on Friday and didn’t sound to happy with what is happening in the world of college football.

“There’s more and more reports even while we are going through practice on uncertainty, realignment, things of that nature. I’ll echo what we talked about with the team last night. What we have in front of us is certain, and these guys have built this program and worked so hard. To allow this to be a huge distraction. We’re not going to do it.”

Smith went on to talk about how well the team practiced on Friday and was excited about the upcoming practices and games THIS season, “Guaranteed awesome home schedule. Big time opponents on the road this season, 2023. That’s where we’re locked in on.”

The fate of the Pac 12 conference seemed to hinge on Oregon’s decision. Now that the Ducks have left for the Big 10. Oregon State’s future is a legitimate question.