Jim Rome Show: Jonathan Smith

After Oregon State’s big win on Friday against Oregon, head coach Jonathan Smith talked with Jim Rome.

0:00-0:35 | Introduction

0:36-1:24 | Before the game, what was the message to the team?

1:25-2:10 | What’s it say about the players they continued to fight despite the deficit, the weather, etc.?

2:11-2:47 | Thoughts on the last drive.

2:48-3:29 | Tristan Gebbia gets hurt before the final play, what’s going through coach’s mind?

3:30-3:52 | Chance Nolan’s first play, thoughts on the play

3:53-4:39 | Jermar Jefferson’s impact on the game vs. Oregon

4:40-5:16 | What does the win mean to the program?

5:17-5:57 | Does it feel like a milestone win? A statement win?

5:58-6:52 | What’s it been like dealing with the COVID uncertainties?

6:53-7:40 | Preview game with Utah on Saturday (7:30 p.m. PT on ESPN)

7:41-end | Goodbyes

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