How The Seahawks Can Still Make The Playoffs Heading Into Week 18

750 The Game Staff

Following a disappointing defensive showing and losing 30-23 at home to the Steelers, the Seahawks find themselves needing a win and needing help to make the postseason.

It’s the second straight year Pete Carroll’s squad enters the final game needing things to break their way in addition to getting a win of their own to make the playoffs.

Last year, the Seahawks needed to win each of their final two games vs. the Jets and Rams, which they did, and hope for a Packers loss along the way. They got the latter on the final game of the NFL regular season as the Lions stunned Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau Field on Sunday Night football, sending the Seahawks through to the playoffs.

This year, once again, the Packers are the team Seahawks fans are rooting to lose on the season’s final day.

Both 8-8, Green Bay holds the tiebreak over Seattle based on strength of victory, which is the combined record of teams you have defeated on your schedule. It is the fourth tiebreak procedure used when comparing two wild card teams, after head-to-head (Seattle and Green Bay didn’t play this season), conference record (both teams are 6-5 in conference play) and common games with a minimum of four (both teams are 3-3 in common games between the Lions, Rams, Giants, Panthers and Steelers).

The Seahawks visit the Arizona Cardinals in Week 18 while the Packers host the Chicago Bears. Both games will kickoff at 1:25 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. The Hawks play on FOX and the Packers are on CBS.

A Seattle win and Chicago win gets the Hawks back in the playoffs as the seventh and final NFC participant. They would visit the 2-seed in the Wild Card round, which is currently the Dallas Cowboys pending Week 18 results. There is a rare scenario where the Seahawks can qualify if they tie the Cardinals, but would then need losses or ties by the Buccaneers or the Saints in addition to the Packers. Anything short of that combination would eliminate the Seahawks for postseason contention and end the season.