Hear That, Portland? That’s Your Wake-Up Call, Courtesy Las Vegas.


Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, and Major League Baseball may be coming soon. The Oakland Athletics have bought land near the Las Vegas Strip that they plan to turn into a ballpark.

John Canzano feels like this the wakeup call the Portland Diamond Project and the city of Portland needs to get the ball rolling and make a serious

“Not only has Las Vegas moved well in front of the Portland Diamond Project effort,” Canzano said Thursday on 750 The Game, “but if the Major League Baseball to Portland people are not careful, Salt Lake City could step up in front of Portland as well.”

Canzano says the time is now for Portland to make a move. “I’m thinking about baseball right now and the wake up call that we’re receiving. Courtesy of Las Vegas and courtesy of Salt Lake City.”

There hasn’t been much talk out of the Diamond Project lately. Canzano just wants to talk to those involved and hear some news on what can happen.

“I want to get city officials on the show. I want to get Craig Cheek, the founder of the Portland Diamond Project on the show. I want to find out what the short term plan what is the long term plan,” he said. “How can people that want baseball in Oregon get involved in what could be the last (chance) for baseball and Major League Baseball to get to our region.”

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