CFP Rankings Show How Expectations Have Changed For Oregon State


Oregon State is coming off of a disappointing 27-24 loss at Arizona on Saturday. Had the Beavers won that game there was a good chance that Oregon State would have won the next two games setting up a top 10 showdown with Washington at Reser Stadium.

It didn’t happen, and we wondered where the Beavers would end up in the inaugural CFP rankings. The answer is No. 16. A good spot for the Beavers with two losses. The Beavers are the third-highest ranked team with two losses right behind LSU and Norte Dame and ahead of Tennessee.

John Canzano on the Bald Faced Truth reacted to the CFP rankings and said this is a perfect example of what Jonathan Smith has done with the Oregon State program and how expectations are much higher.

“The expectations at Oregon State have changed,” Canzano said Tuesday on 750 The Game. “Jonathan Smith inherited a program that had Gary Andersen quitting mid-season, threw the keys in and gave $12 million back just so he wouldn’t have to coach the program one more week. Jonathan Smith inherited that. We all know Oregon State has had some ups and downs this season. But can we look at the inaugural College Football Playoff rankings, where we see Oregon State sitting at No. 16, only behind Washington and Oregon. A program seemingly left behind by Power 5 football. Still punching. Still fighting. Still getting respect from the College Football Playoff committee.”

With all that has gone on in the college football world, Canzano says it’s amazing what the Beavers are accomplishing with all the uncertainty for the program.

“If you’re Oregon State you have to recognize that the expectations have changed,” Canzano said. “You have to recognize that the landscape is shifting beneath your feet. And you have to appreciate watching Oregon State. That fact that they are still there and still standing.”

Even with the two losses, Canzano says that the CFP selection committee is showing Oregon State and the Pac-12 a ton of respect by putting the Beavers at No.16.

“You had a very disappointing loss at Arizona. They had a disappointing loss, three point loss on the road at Washington State. But it’s clear that the College Football Playoff selection committee looked at Oregon State and went ‘You know what, that’s a good team. Playing in a good conference and those are good losses. Those three point road losses are good losses’.”

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