ESPN Baseball Reporter Pedro Gomez Dies Unexpectedly at Age 58

By Matthew Zimmer

I don’t even know how to start this. Pedro Gomez was one of the best in the business. The stories I’ve read in the 15 hours since I learned about his passing just made the news even harder.

I never met the man, but without realizing it I always associated baseball with Pedro Gomez.

Every baseball season I was excited to see reports from him on ESPN. I knew that I’d get a fun story, an anecdote and he would make me a smarter fan and sportscaster.

His passion always came through the screen for me. It was never more evident than this moment with Scott Van Pelt four years ago.

Gomez provided heart to his reports. He gave legitimacy to everything he reported.

I’ll always remember the watching Gomez on ESPN live spots during the Barry Bonds/BALCO steroids scandal. I feel like that was the first time I really noticed Gomez.

Before ESPN, he worked for wrote for the Miami News, the San Diego Union, the San Jose Mercury News, Miami Herald, the Sacramento Bee and the Arizona Republic.

He provided so much quality information, solid reporting and insight that immediately I respected him. ESPN announced on Super Bowl Sunday that Gomez passed away unexpectedly at 58 years old.

Because I don’t have any personal stories to really share of Gomez, here are tweets, threads and articles about the man the sports world is mourning on the Monday after the Super Bowl.

Even teams he covered, and some he didn’t, shared their condolences.

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