Dan Patrick Poll of the Week: Dame or The Beard?  Who’d you rather start a franchise with?

After Damian Lillard went FULL Dame-Time and dropped a franchise record 61 points on the Warriors, fans and media around the country got reminded just how special the Trail Blazers All-Star truly is.

The conversation on The Dan Patrick Show (Weekdays 6a-9a) drew particular interest in Portland, with Dan and the Danettes discussing if a guy like Lillard is a more valuable player to start a franchise with than a superstar counterpart like James Harden of the Houston Rockets.

Harden is a more elitely-skilled player, sure, but Lillard’s leadership and consistency sets him apart.

So we ask YOU for this week’s Dan Patrick Poll Question: Which player would YOU want to start a franchise with?  Dame or The Beard?  Vote below! And for past Dan Patrick Poll Questions of the Week, click here.

Dan Patrick Poll of the Week: Would you start a team with DAME or The Beard?

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