Dan Lanning Has A Reaction To Colorado Leaving For The Big 12


Conference realignment in college football is at an all time high. Even myself has said that Colorado leaving for the Big 12 was a big deal and is a move that the Pac 12 needs to take seriously.

Oregon head football coach, Dan Lanning, doesn’t seem as concerned that Colorado is leaving. He almost sounds as if the conference is going to be better without the Buffaloes.

“Not a big reaction. I’m trying to remember what they won to affect this conference and I don’t remember. Do you remember them winning anything? I don’t remember them winning anything.”

That’s what Lanning said at his press conference on Monday with the media. Maybe it was playful. Maybe it wasn’t. We may not know until September 23rd when the Buffaloes travel to Autzen Stadium and play the Ducks. How many points will Lanning put on Colorado? That is the answer to how serious this answer is. I for one can’t wait for the college football season.