Damian Lillard’s New Role For The Trail Blazers: Recruiter


Damian Lillard made it clear that this is an important offseason for the Trail Blazers and himself.

Before the postseason I wrote a piece about who Blazers fans should be rooting against in the playoffs. On that list I included Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers, though it looks as if the 76ers are going to win their first round series against the Nets, and perhaps sweep.

Nevertheless, Damian Lillard was at the 76ers/Nets game three on Thursday night in person. Of course, Dame recently divulged to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith that Brooklyn’s Mikal Bridges is one of his favorite players in the league. And his admiration of Sixers All-Star and potential league MVP Joel Embiid is also well-documented.

Could Lillard be in Brooklyn recruiting? Rip City is all about it. And they should. The talent around Damian Lillard has been poor, especially in the last few years. Joel Embiid is the favorite to win the MVP this season and Mikal Bridges averaged over 26 points per game after he was traded to the Nets. Lillard was shown on TNT and many of the players noticed him in the front row.

If this is the biggest offseason for Damian Lillard and the Trail Blazers, we have to give Lillard credit for going out there and showing his face at the playoff game.

As a Blazers fan, I know not to get to excited about these types of things. But I couldn’t help myself.

The biggest offseason in the Damian Lillard era is underway. Lillard is out recruiting. The Blazers have a 10.5% chance of landing the first pick in the NBA draft. The time is now for Rip City.