Chiles: Oregon Wasn’t On Oregon State’s Mind In Civil War Loss


The Oregon State Beavers football team had high expectations last season, and they finished with eight wins. Solid, but not spectacular. But what would have happened if the team was focused on the football games on the field instead what was happening off of the field?

New Michigan State quarterback Aidan Chiles spoke recently on The Unafraid Show with George Wrighster and said that the Beavers team didn’t believe coach Jonathan Smith when he told them that he was focused on the games, including the Civil War game against Oregon, a game where the Ducks demolished the Beavers 31-7 at Autzen Stadium.

“We weren’t told anything about him leaving before the season was over,” Chiles said to Wrighster, “but we had a meeting and he said we are going to focus on these games and nobody believed what he was saying because they thought he was leaving. When we were playing Oregon I don’t think Oregon was on their mind. I think that coach (is) out of here and that means basically I’m out of here.”

Even though Chiles committed to Michigan State quickly after he joined the portal. Chiles and his family have nothing but love for Oregon State and said it was hard to leave.

“It was hard to leave. My parents didn’t want to leave. I didn’t really want to leave, but it was a business decision at the end of the day. It’s football and it’s going to be like that forever.”

It seemed inevitable that Chiles was going to following Coach Jonathan Smith to Michigan State. Chiles said he had a lot of options, but confirmed that Jonathan Smith was the coach that he wanted to play for.

“Michigan State was the only school that I looked into. That I really wanted to go to because of Coach Smith. But when it comes to options I had a lot of options. The only school that I really entertained was USC. Simply because it’s back home and I wanted to hear what they had to say. I liked it, but I was committed to my coach and that’s how it was.”

Check out the full interview with Aidan Chiles and The Unafraid Show with George Wrightser by clicking the podcast below.