The Chuckster is giving Rip City all kinds of reasons to doubt his prediction that the Trail Blazers will win the Western Conference Finals.

Chuck was his entertaining self on Inside the NBA on TNT last night previewing Game Two of the Blazers-Nuggets series, and offered Terry Stotts some sage counsel on how to defend Denver star Nikola Jokic.

“Let me say something, I want to say this one thing,” Barkley interrupted.  “They gonna put Alex Len on Joker more because I think his size – as great as Kanter is offensively, he’s not a great defender – I would put Alex Len on Joker a little bit more.”

That’s right.  Alex.  Len.

The Atlanta Hawks center.

Ernie Johnson corrected the error saying Alex Len doesn’t play for the Blazers, and Charles re-iterated that he meant Meyers Leonard should defend Jokic more.

Chuck’s excuse for the mishap?  “Listen, all you white folks look alike to me.”

Charles Barkley, everybody.

Watch the segment here.  It’s even better considering Charles went out of his way to interrupt Kenny Smith, and steal Shaq’s time, to make the point about ALEX LEN defending Jokic.  And Shaq was none too please.

Never change, Charles.

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