Brandon Roy ‘would be honored’ if Carmelo Anthony wore No. 7 with Trail Blazers

Last week, Carmelo Anthony mentioned he’d like to wear No. 7 for Portland, if the team let him.

Brandon Roy, the last Blazer to wear No. 7, gave the team — and Melo — his blessing to have the number worn again.

“I would be honored if he wore it,” Roy told Jason Quick of The Athletic. “So we should (let him have it).”

No Trail Blazers player has been given the number since Roy in 2011.

Anthony wore No. 7 from 2011-2018 when he played for the Knicks, Thunder and Rockets.

The question was really only raised because Melo wore a red hat with the number on it during media days.

Roy says there’s no need for a petition, according to Quick. Why? Something Melo did way back in 2009.

The Blazers were playing the Nuggets. B-Roy and Melo had an incredible battle on Christmas Day.

Roy finished with 42 points, six rebounds and four assists, while Anthony had 32 points, nine rebounds and four assists.

After the game, Roy went up to Anthony to ask him for a favor for Roy’s cousin, Juleesa Johnson.

“I asked Melo if my cousin, who was sick from cancer, could shake his hand and take a picture with him,” Roy said.

Roy remembers Anthony being with his family, but Anthony didn’t hesitate to accommodate his request.

“He said, ‘Of course,’” Roy said. “Made her night. He was her favorite player.”

Johnson passed away less than two years later.

H/T to Jason Quick of The Athletic.

Anthony — and Roy for that matter — have a reputation for being good guys in the NBA, but that story just adds to the admiration Melo has garnered in his career.

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