Blazers Draft Lottery History


Since 1990, the NBA has had a draft lottery system where the worst team gets the best chance of the number-one overall pick. Although there have been changes here and there, the lottery has remained relatively the same for 33 years.

The NBA draft lottery on Tuesday could change the outcome of numerous franchises including the Portland Trail Blazers. Victor Wembanyama is the prize.

The Trail Blazers haven’t been in the draft lottery many times in their history, but have had some notable lottery moments. Here is how the Trail Blazers fared  in the lottery era with their own draft pick:

2004: The Blazers had the 13th worst record at 41-41 with a .6% chance of getting the first overall pick. They didn’t move and got pick no. 13 – eventually drafting Sebastian Telfair.

2005: The Blazers had the fourth-worst record and moved up one spot to number three in the draft. They traded the pick to the Jazz who drafted Deron Williams. The Blazers got Martell Webster (No. 6), and as part of the trade with Utah also took Linus Kleiza at No. 27.

2006: The Blazers tanked epically, finishing 21-61, and had the best chance at number one. Instead, they fell three spots and got pick No. 4. They traded up for the second pick and drafted LaMarcus Aldridge, then later traded back into the lottery at number-six to draft Brandon Roy.

2007: After going 32-50 the Blazers had the seventh-worst record and a 5.3% chance of getting the first pick. Portland ended up moving all the way up to one — drafting Greg Oden. The Seattle SuperSonics took Kevin Durant at No. 2 overall.

2008: The Blazers finished 41-41 and had the 13th-worst record. They ended up getting pick 13 and took Brandon Rush who was then traded for Jerryd Bayless who was the 11th pick by Indiana.

2012: Of course, the Blazers ultimately would draft Damian Lillard at sixth overall. But that was originally the Nets pick — Portland traded Gerald Wallace to New Jersey for that conditional first-rounder that became Lillard at No. 6. Originally, Portland had the league’s 11th-worst record and ended up picking Meyers Leonard with the eleventh overall pick.

2013: The Blazers lost their final 13 games of the season to end up having the 10th-worst record in the NBA. They ended up with the 10th pick and drafted CJ McCollum.

2022: Last season the Trail Blazers had the sixth-worst record in the league, but ended up falling a spot in the lottery, picking seventh. They drafted Shaedon Sharpe with the pick.

2023: TBD – Portland has a 10.5 percent chance at the No. 1 overall pick, the fifth-best odds in the lottery.

There have been a couple of wins and a couple of losses for the Blazers in the draft lottery. This season needs to be a win for the franchise. It’s time to harness the 2007 energy and get the number one overall pick.