Bill Walton joins the BFT to finally sound off on UCLA-Big 10: “It’s a bad idea”

Bill Walton needed time.  He needed time to think, reflect, process, and articulate, his heartfelt opinion on UCLA, his beloved alma mater, leaving his beloved Conference of Champions…for the midwest.

June 30, 2022, the news broke that UCLA and USC decided to leave the Pac-12 Conference for the Big Ten starting in the fall of 2024.  Countless media members reached out to Walton that day for his reaction.  He did not oblige them with a comment or a statement.  How could he?  He needed time.

Four months later, the time had come.  Walton gave his first live interview to John Canzano and The Bald Faced Truth on Tuesday afternoon, and did not hold back.

“This proposed move to the Big Ten is all about football and money.”

“I went to UCLA.  Glady, willingly, and proudly.  It was my dream.  That dream never included the Big Ten.”

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