John Canzano talks with Jason Brown about how the film crew for “Last Chance U” only shared 10 hours out of 5000 recorded, having no regrets, what makes a great recruiter, and taking the rear view mirror out of his car.

On coaching vs. recruiting:

“Coaching is overrated. Coaches lose games, they don’t win them. Players win games. Coaches lose ’em. I think we give ourselves too much damned credit and pat ourselves on the back too much. It’s about building relationships, getting kids to run through the wall for you, and getting the best Jimmies and Joes in America.”

On recruiting in college football:

“Recruiting is our blood life. The Division I coaches, Oregon and Oregon State, all these guys, need to realize that academics have become harder for these inner city kids who graduate out of high school, especially with having to have 10 of core 16 classes completed after their junior year now. These kids are failing. They’re not making it. So guess where they’re going? Junior College. They’re going to Junior College. So wait on them… go to the right Junior College.”

On what he sees on Oregon State’s defense:

“If I wore an Oregon State polo, you’d have some freaks out there on the field. I don’t see ’em right now.”

Listen to full interview below:


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