Atlanta Braves Not Changing Name, Looking into Chop Celebration

The Atlanta Braves will not be joining the Cleveland MLB team and the Washington D.C. NFL team in considering a name change in the future.

Paul Lukas (aka @UniWatch on Twitter) posted a letter from the team telling season-ticket holders the team name won’t change. ESPN received confirmation about “the contents of the email”.

In the blurb Lukas posted on Twitter, “changing the name of the Braves is not under consideration or deemed necessary. We have great respect and reverence for our name and the Native American communities that have held meaningful relationships with us do as well. We will always be the Atlanta Braves.”

However, the team did admit that when it comes to the fan experience they are looking into the chop celebration, “it is one of the many issues that we are working through with the advisory group.”

You can check out the full letter, posted in the tweet below.

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