ACC Coaches Will Propose All-Inclusive NCAA Tournament for 2021

With question marks floating around all aspects of sports, the ACC basketball coaches threw another idea out there. What if every eligible Division I school played in the NCAA Tournament?

Stadium’s Jeff Goodman reports the ACC coaches voted unanimously to propose an “all-inclusive” tournament for 2021. If you think the idea is crazy, consider it came from well-respected Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Goodman reports that 346 of the 357 D-I schools would be eligible for the ACC’s proposal. “Seven are reclassifiers. Three are ineligible due to APR. Oklahoma State ineligible for tourney.”

Sadly, Goodman also reported an NCAA source told him the NCAA Tournament is more likely to be reduced, not expanded.

Apparently, not all coaches are on board with the idea.

Like most of sports right now, college basketball isn’t organized at all.

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