Dame the Shot pt 2

Blazers’ 2013-14 Year End Review

Courtesy: Greg Wall-Stephens/AP

Well, this fun, exciting Blazers’ season has finally come to an end as San Antonio destroyed Portland (4-1) in the conference semifinals, proving they are still the top dogs in the Western Conference. Dave Deckard of Blazersedge.com joined Chad on Flight 750 Thursday to reflect on the season.

Although most Blazer fans are probably a bit disappointed to see the season come to an end, Deckard insists that there is no way to view this season as anything but a success.

“This was a big deal in the life cycle of the Blazers. It was what they needed to kind of kickstart their way forward and rejuvenate the fanbase. Really a new generation of fans was created during the season. That’s hard to do. That has to happen organically and it sure did.”

Deckard also said that Terry Stotts has very much earned the extension the Blazers have promised to him.

“This team could have fallen apart as we saw again, every time one thing went wrong with this unit, everything went wrong. The Blazers were either “on” or “off”. It was really binary. And the amount of time they spent ON this year was incredible. So I think you have to respect the job that he’s done and you have to credit him with a lot of Portland’s success this year.”

Deckard also said that much of the Trail Blazers’ success hinges on the development of Damian Lillard moving forward.

“He’s going to be a star and a media star anyway. He’s got the shoe contract. He’s got the money. He’s got the fame. He’s going to succeed in this league whether he defends or not. The question will be whether he wants his team to get better and reach that elite echelon. If so, he needs to work a little bit on the defensive end of the floor.”

Deckard also talked about the lasting memory that he will have of this team moving forward.

“54 wins, making the playoffs, getting to the second round – That shot will live on forever in Blazer lore and be replayed on youtube and on the arena screen a million times. That was a season defining moment and a franchise defining moment and that is the enduring memory.”

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